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A crackin’ portfolio of wordsmithery and wonder lie ahead. Strap in, chaps! Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to work with some truly outstanding events, brands and publications including Festival of Marketing, Restless Magazine, Metro, Creative Review, Self & More, London Art Fair, Oarbt and much more. 


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Cosmopolitan Sexual assault does discriminate. How social class affects your sex safety [ forthcoming]


Stylist MagazineExcercise For PCOS – “How I learned to work out with polycystic ovary syndrome” [ forthcoming]


FGRL’s  –  How girls coming from low-income households & working-class backgrounds affects their sex safety

The Flock Magazine  – Could pleasure-led sex ed make our sex lives safer?


Restless MagazineMind the orgasm gap


MetroI will no longer let sexual partners shame me into not masturbating


Ellen TerrieHow the relationship with your body dictates your pleasure




Metro – Doctors made me feel I wasn’t thin enough to have an eating disorder

Restless MagazineFem-tech’s androgynous design is a lifesaver for sex trauma survivors

Self & More – My dad found my big box of dildos. We can all learn from what he did next

Heads Above The WavesAnxiety & depression recovery: I’ve learnt to listen to myself


Proudly – How the sexualisation of bisexuality closeted me

"It's been good to work with Katie on first-person pieces for Metro.co.uk, as she files and responds promptly, writes expressively and nails the angles we're after."
Stephanie Soh
Freelance Journalist & Editor

Copywriting // print publication

What comes out on top? Product or person? In this week’s blog we put to two against one another to find out which strategy focus you should be adopting in today’s changing market

Unapologetic, unstoppable and inherently empowering. Rose McGowan has never been your typical Hollywood actor.

How do we define wellbeing? This is where our journey begins. According to the Gray’s Learning’s Wellbeing Model, we see that when we are at our ‘best self’ we are at our most content, healthiest and happiest.

The year is fast passing us by, can you believe it’s April already? Spring has sprung, but have you taken the time to consider the key marketing trends for 2019?

I AM KATIE BASKERVILLE You’re reading: Written for Festival of Marketing, 19 March 2019 In …

What does a millionaire, a small business owner and a cow all have in common? 24 hours a day. Despite circumstance or species, we all have the same amount of time to spend in our everyday lives, so how can you make the most of it and ensure that you’re getting an ROI on your time spent investments?

After a whirlwind year that brought us new tech, algorithm changes, social media platform mergers and innovative ways to interact and understand information, we ask ourselves; what’s next for the marketing world?

Mari Llwyd - Celtic - I, Baskerville

Wales has been described as a principality and a city of England. A country filled with dead language, sheep shaggers and bigots.

"Katie is a talented, creative and gorgeous individual. She is an absolute ray of sunshine to be around, full of ideas and her copywriting is some of the best I have seen. She manages to combine her creativeness with an analytical eye, a marketers dream! I would recommend that anyone jump at the chance to work with her and only hope our paths will cross again at some point."
Abbi Modaberi
Group Marketing Manager, Festival of Marketing

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