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I AM KATIE BASKERVILLE You’re reading: Help. I’ve fallen in love with Sponsored Article | Knude Society’s Gwen is a delicious vibrator …

The time has come to begin vision boarding for 2021, but with the aftermath of 2020 leaving an all too bitter taste, new year's resolutions..

The problem is that when it comes to entering a world with an invisible assassin, we can suffer something known as re-entry anxiety.

The headline is; if you begin to hate your job, feel less capable and feel completely exhausted the likelihood is that you are experiencing burnout.

Pleasure is an act of rebellion, so on this International Orgasm Day I invite you to rebel and discover female led brands who are looking out for you.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of engaging in an abusive relationship at work, at home, with a friend or romantically you’ll know all about mitigation, even though you may not have put a name to it before.

Free bleeding is always something I’ve turned my nose up at - because let’s face it - it doesn’t sound very appealing on paper.

I am looking at you, fellow perfectionists. It’s time to call out the behaviours holding you back and see how you can put a stop to your perfectionist standing in your way.

Four tasks to improve self-esteem and self-confidence by simply accepting, collecting and believing in the compliments people pay you.

How sexism reinforces the habit of saying “yes” or “maybe” to things you don’t want to do Everyday sexism reinforces the status quo that it is in fact a man’s world.

Self-sabotage: how you can nip it in the bud using these three techniques We’ve all done it, listened to that little voice in our heads that constantly reminds us of our doubts, fears and worries.

Slut shaming: Why we need to stop seeing promiscuity as a form of sexual deviance because sex shouldn’t make you feel shame.

Let me let you in on a not so well kept secret - I am bi as heck. Throughout my life I have loved and slept with men and women and you know what? That feels damn good to say out loud.

A quick 4 steps to the ultimate Sunday indulgence My Sunday morning bathing ritual is one I look forward to every day of the week. It’s such a treat because I get to really pamper myself.

Before lockdown I never really had much time on my hands. I’ve always been busy and when I have found an iota of time to relax I will undoubtedly be plotting against myself, in some shape or form, to become busy once more.

Imposter Syndrome affects almost 70% of the UK population at some stage in their life, which is a pretty shocking figure, really. I know I myself have suffered terribly with feeling horrifically insecure, so although the figure is shocking I can’t say I’m that surprised.

I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling the world fall apart around me. May has been an increasingly crazy month for everyone across the globe and getting my head into a book has felt extremely difficult.

I’ve touched upon this subject in my previous blog, ‘Getting Off The Self Hype Love Train’. Self love is not a destination because...

It chokes me to write this. It’s a hard thing to pen. But, whether I cry about this while I type, edit and re-read is secondary because it’s a conversation that needs to happen.

The glyco-synthetic flavour that grounds even in the most terrifying times. There is nothing sweeter, more wholesome or more enjoyable to me than a tall glass of squash and ice. My housemate used to laugh...

I‘ve been dying my hair since I was 14. From big blonde 90’s streaks to box blacks all the way to sharp cut green bobs, weaves and flowing pastel waves, I’ve had it all. It’s been a long and colourful hair journey, but for the first time since I was a little hen, I’m finally letting my natural hair grow through and turns out, the whole lot is turning grey.

April for me is usually when I begin to socialise in parks, pub gardens and dance with friends into the early hours – but seeing as that isn’t possible right now I’ve found myself reading a few books that are reflecting my innermost feelings during this strange old time.

Apparently, everybody has gone through stages of hating their body. As a collective we're told that to a degree, it's normal to feel degrees of self loathing. Whether or not it is actually normal to feel such a way about your meat machine leaves much to be desired morally about contemporary societies attitude towards self acceptance.

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I AM KATIE BASKERVILLE You’re reading: Magic, adventure & a humbling dose of reality Winter to me is the only time where …

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