My name is Katie. I’m a 20-something Welsh fine artist with a penchant for writing, learning new things and getting up to all sorts of mischief. So, let’s get into it.



Wales is home but I’m always on the move. I’ve travelled the world, creating art works, writing and sticking my curious fingers into all sorts of discourses after completing my Masters in Fine Art back in 2014. After returning from Berlin in 2017, South London stole my heart, as did the world of event marketing, which has led me neatly to where I am today.



I set up ‘I, Baskerville’ so that I could have a safe space to talk and normalise wellbeing and sexExpect deep dives into gritty topics surrounding self care, sexuality, identity & health as well as conversations on art, food & reading



Listen, I can’t promise you that it’ll always be pretty, but I can promise you it will always be interesting, because for a short girl I’m pretty good at hurdling the obstacles (and then telling you how I managed it). 


I’m a no nonsense kind of person, so you will never find anything here that I don’t love myself be it places to check out, recipes to sample or activities to try at home. 



All that’s left to say is welcome, make yourself comfortable and take five. I’m thrilled to have you here.



Want to work together? Let’s do it! Check out my back catalogue of collaborations here then shoot me an email on; info@ibaskerville.com

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