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Let’s face it, 2020 has been a barrage of shit show after shit show, only to be lined with fleeting moments of gratitude. It’s all been crap, all of it. It’s no wonder that we’re all feeling exhausted and completely overwhelmed by the nature of having to constantly adapt to cataclysmic changes. For a year so charged and destructive, we’d hope that 2021 would have some light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. As it turns out, it looks like things are going to get a little darker before the dawn. 


Setting goals and resolutions is a tried and tested way of resetting the previous year, and my goodness we need a reset. But, before you go ahead and make plans, please read the following.

New year’s resolutions are not set in stone, so don’t feel pressured to stick to them if sticking to them affects your mental and/or physical health.


Set New year’s resolutions that don’t define ‘happiness’ as the be-all and end-all goal, especially when it comes to food and weight loss. You’re already about to be barraged with an onslaught from the diet police. Find other metrics to measure by, like improvements to your overall health. Why not try and keep receipts of all the good stuff that happens? So that on this day in 12 months time you’ll have a bundle of gorgeous moments to reflect on?



It’s okay if you don’t want to set anything, feel overwhelmed or just can’t even bring yourself to make plans until you know what kind of beast 2021 will be. Given the fact that the past year is filled with discombobulating u-turn’s, mixed messages and outrageous lies, it’s okay to want to take time to rebuild trust.


Manage your expectations, remember how capable of adapting 2020 has proved you to be. Plan for change, moving goalposts and make 2021 the year you fully accept that you cannot control everything.


I wanted to share my new year’s resolutions with you, too. They’ve been the same every year because they make me feel good and unpressured to change my physicality – which for someone in recovery is a must.


Here they are;

1. Be unapologetic

2. Take up space

3. Smell expensive


Each one of these goals means I get to take hot baths, practice boundary setting, indulge in things that make my body feel good outside of its physical parameters and finally, I can switch it up any which way I like. 


May 2021 be the year of flexibility, self-acceptance and blindingly good (solo)sex.


Happy new year, luv. Ava good one x 


Image by Kaye @ Fordphotography

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