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Free Bleeding with Modibodi Reusable Underwear: Review

Free bleeding is always something I’ve turned my nose up at – because let’s face it – it doesn’t sound very appealing on paper. Nevertheless, my search for better and more comfortable period health has left me at a bit of a dead-end when it comes to overnight, leakproof comfort that is both sustainable and reliable. 



I hate sleeping in tampons, I hate wearing pads and I bleed so heavily that a pair of old knickers just doesn’t kick it when I’m in the midst of my period. I thought about using the various cups, but the prospect of getting well and truly stuck in there while it’s all kicking off makes me feel a little squeamish and nervous that I could end up looking like Carrie on prom night. 



I’d heard of Modibodi a while ago, but I was sceptical of how hygienic, how comfortable and how viable they were as an option. Ever wanting to try something new I gave them a go and let me tell you I haven’t looked back since. 



I got my hands on the vegan briefs, for a mid to heavy flow and I can say with absolute honesty that they have been the most joyful thing my underwear draw has been home to in such a long time. 


I even tempted fate by wearing them to bed when we had the white sheets on, not a drop. They’re slightly padded which took a minute to get used to but once I’d strutted about in them for half an hour or so they just felt like normal, comfy pants. 



Reusing them is so simple, rinse with cold water, wash and repeat. They’ve saved me money I would usually spend on tampons and sleep I would usually waste getting up in the middle of the night to change. Let alone how much I know I’m going to save on replacing ruined leaky nick-nacks. 






If you want a pair, you can grab your own through my affiliate link here.


Brand affiliation means I earn a very small commission off of what you buy if you decide to buy through this link.



No obligation to buy, or for me to sell. I just love ‘em.

modibodi free bleeding review

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Free bleeding is always something I’ve turned my nose up at - because let’s face it - it doesn’t sound very appealing on paper.

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