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Beastly intentions & whimsical adventure

I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling the world fall apart around me. May has been an increasingly crazy month for everyone across the globe and getting my head into a book has felt extremely difficult. 


However, that being said I have gnawd my way through two fantastic books that gave me some comic relief and adventure filled journeys. 


This month, delve deep into the world of Angela Carter and Donna Tartt, two excellent authors.

Wise Children by Donna Tartt May Reading List

1. Wise Children by Angela Carter


Keeping it local to South East London, I was continually thrilled and smiling through this stunning story. A restless narrative told from the viewpoint of the Chance sister, Nora. Delightful and whimsical like all Angela Carter’s writing, but unlike the Bloody Chamber or Nights at The Circus (a favourite of mine), Wise Children kept me feeling hopeful and galvanised throughout.


Joyfully ridiculous, with meandering pace and a synesthetic inducing story that builds a visceral and familiar world with the turn of every page. Delightful, shocking and all too real in parts. Feel yourself dance the boards, laugh in the Californian heat and taste the cold London air. Flirtatious, sexy and melancholic. A journey like no other, for two sisters named Chance.



The Secret History by Donna Tarrt

2. The Secret History by Donna Tartt


A re-read of a classic tale of beastly impulses and classical beauty. The Secret History was a favourite of mine in University and has remained pride of place on my bookshelf due to its ability to take me on the same journey time and time again with no loss of clout.


A very normal boy with a smart mind and a smarter mouth finds himself in a version of high society that is tainted with privilege and entitlement. Compared to his own very average life, we follow him through a series of social challenges and moral judgment calls that are uncomfortable and unwaveringly fiendish. 


A page turner that generates contempt and jealousy as well as sympathy and worry for our main character.



If you enjoyed this reading list then you’re sure to love this one too! Check out the April reading list here.

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