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The March Reading List

Lockdown reads to keep your spirits up & mind engaged

As the UK enters a nationwide lockdown, my bookcase has been more of a solace than ever, aside from writing I, Baskerville of course and the odd dairy milk. That being said, the ability to transport myself to different worlds is not more important than ever as I take up Spring hibernation in my little flat.

For the month of March I’ve focussed on finishing the Maddaddam Saga, a little bit of a reality check and some self improvement. Featuring the one and only Margaret Atwood, Yuval Noah Harari and Chloe Brotheridge.

1. Maddaddam – Margaret Atwood


As with most of Margaret Atwood’s books, as soon as I finish reading one in a series I pick up another. 


This final world view of the Maddaddam trilogy not only wraps everything up, offers righteous character arch’s and a fully realised 360 degree view of the entire story from every perspective. 


Compelling, saddening and full of real innocent hilarity as well as some gut punching moments.


Hitting a little close to home as we ourselves are feeling the effects of a global pandemic, but a hopeful end to a tumultuous saga that echoes and warns us of a very real future mankind could face. 



Maddaddam - Margaret Atwood - March Reading List - I Baskerville

2. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari


If you’re looking for an insight and readable explanation to the development of humanity over the course of history then this is your ultimate guide. 


Everything is so well explained and backed up. It has a really easy going tone that flows from chapter to chapter that feels eager to inform and educate in a way that is fully accessible. 


A little chewy in places, full of eureka moments and a compelling yet neutral examination of why we are the way we are, where we’ve been as a species and perhaps where we might end up going. 


A thinker, but worth the time you’ll put in. 



Sapiens a brief history of human kind - yuval noah harari - the march reading list I baskerville

3. Brave New Girl – Chloe Brotheridge


Lockdown has had me feeling a little shook – as I’m sure it has you too. My confidence is always in need of some zhuzhing and pampering so this was a real treat for my soul.


I’ve been desperate to get my paws on this book and it hasn’t disappointed my personal hype. It’s Non-preachy, full of helpful exercises and confidence building practises that are practical and measurable – which is entirely my thing. 


I’ve noticed my self talk change, proactiveness increase and even the way I hold myself change for the better. As with any lifestyle change you really have to be ready for it for it to have a lasting effect. 


To get the most out of this book I fully recommend surrendering to the process. 



Brave New Girl - Chloe Brotheridge - March Reading List I Baskerville

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