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Rose McGowan Intro for Festival of Marketing, April 02 2019

Unapologetic, unstoppable and inherently empowering. Rose McGowan has never been your typical Hollywood actor. This year, Festival of Marketing welcomes her to our Headline Stage to speak on the #MeToo movement and her journey towards an empowered and better self. But, if you can’t wait until October 11 to encounter this powerhouse, then here’s all the things you need to know.

Rose has been on one wild ride. Aside from being an accomplished actor and fearless advocate for equality, Rose has also been a driving force for the #MeToo movement, bringing a difficult but necessary conversation to the forefront of social media and into the minds of thousands and thousands of people. This moment not only signified justice for many people but was demonstrative of how the power of social media, solidarity and truth impacts society as a whole.

Her journey to fame has not been an easy road. Rose, who was originally brought up in the cult, “Children of God”, emancipated herself with nothing more than 25c to her name. After representing herself in court, she tackled Hollywood and became a household name after appearing on the beloved TV show Charmed where viewers fell in love with her witty, well-meaning character ‘Paige Matthews’. 

Inherently creative, Rose has been an advocate for the arts and has featured, produced and written a number of short films. She has continued to make waves as a performance artist and spent a number of months in Berlin, perfecting her craft.

Rose has spoken at a number of events and has become an outspoken conduit for feminism and fights tirelessly to represent those who need their voices to be heard. She is a voice for those who do not feel strong enough to speak up, speak out or for those who feel alone in their suffering. She has used her fame to elevate the conversations that surround individual empowerment and continually discusses the responsibility of those in powerful places to uphold their humanity in the public realm, making her a formidable yet compassionate force.


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