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Written for Festival of Marketing, 19 March 2019

In an ever changing market, maintaining momentum and stamina to see projects through from beginning to end is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today. How can you optimise your time and learn the magic behind agile marketing? Read on for more information.


“Agile marketing” has been a buzzword amongst professionals for a little while. But, what does agile marketing actually mean in real terms? One way to look at this could be that you are consistently prepared, or are preparing for change, which in itself is an exhausting thought. If you are preparing for things to not go as planned or predicted, then you could find yourself wearing thin and making mistakes that cost you in the long run. 


We all know that marketing is not an exact science, but with this in mind let us relieve some of the pressure. The trick is to work smarter, not harder. By following these simple steps, you could find yourself with an agile plan, without the added extra’s of burnout and complete mental fatigue – which is a plus amiright?


1. Plan for what you can. 

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Strategy, strategy, strategy. When your only constant is change, plan for what you know. Getting dates cemented are intrinsic to being able to set milestones, objectives, measure goals as well as report important things like ROI and effectiveness. Get a timeline in place with key dates where you review or deliver specific aspects of your project. That way you’ll have a perfect structure for your change to occur around by optimizing your time spent which will add more value to your outcomes as your reduce opportunities for uncertainty.


2. Stop, look and listen

What is happening around you? What are other people doing? How can you do it better? Spotting mistakes in previous campaigns is essential to the success of your next one. Get yourself a mentor, inside or outside of work, to help you bounce ideas around with. Get advice and don’t be too scared to share your ideas with a trusted peer group. Look for other successful campaigns and appropriate those methodologies.Remember, before taking your plan or strategy to the table, make sure you’re taking advantage of everything within your arsenal. This will ensure that you are diminishing the chances of things tripping you up later on down the line. 


3. Flexibility is key

Things may take you by surprise along the way, but all that research you will have done and implementing small contingencies where you feel you might come up against it can help you pinpoint your hurdles and overcome them simultaneously. Keep things simple and work around your obstacles with an open mind. If you stay too fixated on your original goal you could miss a glaringly obvious solution. 


4. Let it go

Minimize your waste. You can’t control everything, marketer and that’s okay. Take the initiative to reduce wasted time by cutting out processes that no longer lend themselves to your projects success. This will add more speed and less haste to your outcomes, making them more profitable and measurably successful.


To summarise, plan for what you can, and prepare for what you cannot plan for. Try to not let obstacles surprise you, identify as many of them before you begin and you’ll have more stamina and energy to deal with the ones that will inevitably sneak up on you. Having a well thought out strategy and good guidance will ensure that you have enough resources to combat an increasingly demanding market place filled with nuanced behaviours and nische requirements. If you make a mistake here and there you have to bolster up your resilience and learn not to sweat the small stuff. There isn’t much you can do when things go wrong, except use it as an opportunity to learn how not to do it again. Every cloud has a silver lining, afterall!


Read the original article for Festival of Marketing here.

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