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What’s Next For Marketing? Part 1

Written for Festival of Marketing, 01 March 2019

After a whirlwind year that brought us new tech, algorithm changes, social media platform mergers and innovative ways to interact and understand information, we ask ourselves; what’s next for the marketing world? Festival of Marketing 2019 will be able to answer just that, but, for now join us as we embark on a 4 part series that speculates marketing’s new manifestations, and how the next-gen-marketer can overcome the new obstacles in their path.


Festival of Marketing 2018 saw us celebrate the marketing world and it’s insatiable nature for more, more, more. It was a stand-out year for us, as we delivered incredible insights from thought leaders, experts in the field and disruptors in chief, who moulded our minds and gave us permission to ask ourselves bold questions, inspect new opportunities and above all else; learn.


Marketers, we are ravenous creatures, but our attitude towards erudition means that we are consuming content at such a rate, that we are consistently unlearning processes and discarding them by the wayside, and this is problematic. Getting hung-up on new best practice that doesn’t align with some grounding in tradition can result is you strutting your stuff in your emperor’s new clothes and nobody wants to get caught floundering in the nuddy, at least not at the office. 


That’s not to say that tradition is always right, it most certainly isn’t, but recognising these cracks that miss-align with years of learning is where we should be focussing our fixation, not just progress for progress’s sake. We’re greedy for brand-spanking-new ways to enhance our reach, engagement and ROI, because we are target driven, competitive people who want to see that our own personal investment, time, has been well spent. 


The marketing world is a vast, multimodal world with complex moving parts that integrate with one another; slowly shifting audience perceptions, forecasting trends in behaviour and continually building trust between consumers and brands. Marketing is powerful, with endless possibilities based on a human-centric understanding of engagement, empathy and like-mindedness. With that in mind, let’s identify our roadblocks, our obstacles. Let’s save some of our precious time and examine what it is we need to be honing in on to ensure that 2019 will feel like a smooth relay to 2020, and not a case of marketerial Sisyphus.


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